• Gioiello contemporaneo italiano 2019: Collana Hybris con cartapesta, rame, citrino, ametista e foglia d’oro 22kt. Creazione di Gian Luca Bartellone, Bodyfurnitures Bolzano, Milano, Roma.

    Contemporary jewelry news 2019: hand-painted papier-mâché necklace Hybris with copper flowers, citrine and amethysts.

  • contemporary jewelry from italy by gian luca bartellone. Necklace with rose color, made of papiermache, amethyst, pealrs, copper wire. By bodyfurnitures

    Don’t follow others, make your own way.
    Necklace Coria and Earrings Corbis will be presented at LOOT 2018, MAD Museum New York City.

  • Gioiello contemporaneo italiano 2018: spilla Hortus. Materiali: cartapesta, resina, ambra, perle. Design: Gian Luca Bartellone, Roma, Bolzano, Alto Adige

    Don’t follow others, make your own way.

    Brooch Hortus will be presented at the exhibition of the group ”Italiano plurale“ during Vienna Jewellery Days.

  • Don’t follow others, make your own way.

    Materials: papier-mâché, silver-plated copper, citrine, rose amethysts, tourmalines, pearls, paper, gold leaf 22kt.

  • collana pedjon velluto cartapesta gian luca bartellone gioielli bolzano alto adige

    Materials: papier-mâché, silk, velvet, gold 18 kt, tourmaline, pearls, garnets, magnetite, turquoises, gold leaf 22 kt.

  • the 2018 jewelry catalogue bodyfurnitures gian luca bartellone gioielli italy author jewelry

    Check out our new and available author jewelry pieces.

  • Uniqueness

    Each piece of this contemporary jewelry is created with uniqueness in mind. Its design forgoes repeatability and emphasizes singularity.

  • Design

    The careful pondering of ideas and perfection of design are the essence of each piece and the premise for its successful transition from idea to three-dimensional shape.

  • Lightness

    Papier-mâché as the main material lends Bodyfurnitures jewelry its extraordinary lightness. A special processing technique ensures resistance and durability.

  • Craftsmanship

    Meticulously handcrafted from pure raw materials, each piece is distinguished by its authenticity, wearing comfort and immediate recognisability.

Gian Luca Bartellone

Contemporary jewelry news 2019

  • 2019 • available • Necklace
  • 2018 • available • Brooch
  • 2018 • available • Brooch
  • 2018 • available • Brooch
  • 2018 • available • Brooch
  • 2018 • available • Necklace

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