• friedrich becker preis brosche buco verde zeitgenoessischer schmuck

    Materials: papier-mâché, silver, steel, rock crystal, pearls, gold leaf 22kt, watercolor painting on papier-mâché
    Dimensions: 7,0 x 8,0 cm

    Selected for the Friedrich Becker Preis 2023

  • Contemporary necklace Zenit, 2020 from Italy. Material: papier-mâché, silver, iron, emeralds, amethysts, turquoise paste and gold leaf 22kt. Model Ester Cacciani, Bolzano.

    Be diabolically rebellious with this new contemporary necklace in 2020. Made of papier-mâché, silver, iron, emeralds, amethysts, turquoise paste and gold leaf 22kt.

  • Zeitgenössischer Schmuck, Autorenschmuck: Brosche und Ohrringe „Fili“ von Gian Luca Bartellone aus Italien auf der Grassimesse, Museum Grassi in Leipzig

    Modern lines on black & white handpainted papier-mâché. Materials: papier-mâché, gold 18kt, silver, iron, rock crystals, tourmalines, pearls, paper, gold leaf 22kt.

  • Contemporary jewelry 2020 – earrings Hypno. Gioiello contemporaneo 2020, orecchini di Gian Luca Bartellone, Bodyfurnitures.

    Delicious candy? No, these are our contemporary jewelry news for 2020. Be ready for the summer with a new pair of earrings. Made of papier-mâché, gold 18kt, silver, amethysts and pearls.

  • the 2018 jewelry catalogue bodyfurnitures gian luca bartellone gioielli italy author jewelry

    Check out our new and available author jewelry pieces.

  • Uniqueness

    Each piece of this contemporary jewelry is created with uniqueness in mind. Its design forgoes repeatability and emphasizes singularity.

  • Design

    The careful pondering of ideas and perfection of design are the essence of each piece and the premise for its successful transition from idea to three-dimensional shape.

  • Lightness

    Papier-mâché as the main material lends Bodyfurnitures jewelry its extraordinary lightness. A special processing technique ensures resistance and durability.

  • Craftsmanship

    Meticulously handcrafted from pure raw materials, each piece is distinguished by its authenticity, wearing comfort and immediate recognisability.

Gian Luca Bartellone

Contemporary jewelry news 2023

  • 2023 • available • Earrings
  • 2023 • Earrings
  • 2023 • available • Necklace
  • 2023 • Earrings
  • 2023 • available • Earrings
  • 2023 • Earrings

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Artist collective

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Gian Luca Bartellone is part of the Italiano Plurale artist collective that promotes the most sophisticated Italian art. Their next show will be at the PMA Craft Show 2024 – the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s annual „art by hand“ event.

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