• bodyfurnitures bartellone unikat schmuck kollier akanto pappmache becker preis

    From the spray of the waves, goddesses arise adorned with the treasures of the deep.
    Coralline leaves exalt the whiteness of their skin that matches the gleaming of a thousand pearls in a divine display of light.

  • bodyfurnitures bartellone papier mache unique jewellery necklace synus

    Sinuous shapes and arbitrary, elegant asymmetries. Like reed in a warm summer breeze, colours and leaf silver chase one another on a lake’s rippled surface.

  • bodyfurnitures bartellone gioielli pezzi unici collana pedjon cartapesta

    Soft silk, warm wool. Strips of precious cloth, languidly wrapped around the neck, form a cosy nest for a treasure made of paper and gems.

  • bodyfurnitures gian luca bartellone schuhschmuck shoe jewellery unique

    Thanks to a new type of jewellery, any shoe can now become a unique work of art thanks to an eye- and light-catching accessory made of precious cloth refined with tasteful additions of gold, paper and gems.
    Turn your favourite shoes into something special and indulge in the luxury of being truly unique.

  • Uniqueness

    Each piece is created with uniqueness in mind. Its design forgoes repeatability and emphasizes singularity.

  • Design

    The careful pondering of ideas and perfection of design are the essence of each piece of jewellery and the premise for its successful transition from idea to three-dimensional shape.

  • Lightness

    Papier-mâché as the main material lends Bodyfurnitures jewellery its extraordinary lightness. A special processing technique ensures resistance and durability.

  • Craftsmanship

    Meticulously handcrafted from pure raw materials, each piece is distinguished by its authenticity, wearing comfort and immediate recognisability.

Gian Luca Bartellone

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  • 2017 • available • Bracelet
  • 2017 • available • Bracelet
  • 2017 • Bracelet
  • 2017 • available • Earrings
  • 2017 • Earrings
  • 2017 • available • Earrings
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